An Inside Peek at Local New Orleans Cuisine

The What and How of Local New Orleans Cuisine

What’s it like to “Eat like a Local”?

New Orleans locals know the meaning of a good meal. The right spices and ingredients come together in a harmony of taste and smell, but it doesn’t stop there. Local New Orleans Cuisine is a talking point, a meeting point and the point where friendships are made and love is rekindled—it’s the best magic we have, down here.

The magic is in the making, and the makings are always rich flavors and bold combinations. Experiencing each dish (from either the restaurants around the city or ya’ Mama’s kitchen) is like listening to a Jazz band: there are many elements at play, moving and winding with each other, creating a zing with a pop and a sizzle.

What are some of the best New Orleans dishes?

The most famous dishes in the New Orleans area, aren’t ranked but loved equally. Have you tried any of them?

  1. Red Beans and Rice
  2. Seafood Gumbo
  3. Crawfish Etouffée
  4. Jambalaya
  5. Muffulettas
  6. Beignets

How do we know which food season it is?

Because the weather changes by day in New Orleans, locals tell the seasons by the foods we eat.


Don’t forget to pinch the tails.

There are the Seasons of Seafood

Spring / Summer: Crab and Crawfish

Fall / Winter : Oysters

Year-Round: Shrimp and Fish

In between these seasons, there are King Cake Season (Mardi Gras Season) and Snoball Season (the hot months, beginning around May and ending around September or October).

How to Eat like a Local: Desserts

Rules about Beignets

  1. Never wear black clothing to a beignet party. Things get messy.
  2. When ordering beignets “to-go,” shake the bag immediately before you begin to eat them.
  3. It’s nice to share a table with friends, but separate orders save you the drama of splitting the last beignet.

It’s the best told secret of the Big Easy: eating is a lifestyle. All locals have their favorite spots, their favorite dishes and they’re not afraid to tell you all about it. Join in the conversation, and see all of the local hot-spot eateries in New Orleans, or learn how you can become a “locavore,” and participate in the Eat Local Challenge.


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