5 Ways to French Quarter Fest in New Orleans

A View of the Big Easy from the Eyes of Instagram

New Orleans is a photographer’s dream. So, naturally, all of the locals like to Instagram the Big Easy as much as possible.

And with as many festivals and celebrations we have down here, there are endless photo opportunities. Impromptu photos. Selfies galore. Hashtags organizing the city by event and time of year.

Every Spring, hundreds of people gather around the streets of New Orleans to enjoy the free music and the various flavors that French Quarter Festival has to offer. Break out your favorite straw hat and head to the French Quarter for some much needed down time in the city. Catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and take some really killer Instagram pictures.

As hundreds of people captured the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans using the hashtag #FQF, we have to ask one question.

How do you immortalize New Orleans on Instagram?

5 Ways to French Quarter Fest

1. Watch New Orleans. Take in the sights.

2. Take “Obligatory Food Shots” and make your friends hungry. 

3. Capture the Music

4. Gaze at the St. Louis Cathedral

5. Take Necessary Selfies

New Orleans in the Spring is a place to branch out and stretch and take in all of the magic that a little bit of sunshine, good friends, great food and the country’s favorite atmosphere brings to the table. It’s not hard to be a local in New Orleans, but it’s second nature when the sun comes out to play.



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