Why Should I Take a New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tour?

New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tour Guide

Let’s face it: this is an aquatic city. We’re sandwiched by a river and a lake, with countless bayous in between. Some people assume we all have a swamp in our backyard, others actually do and we have all spent one moment or another wondering: what’s really out there? When visitors come to New Orleans, it’s only natural to explore the swamps and bayous around us.

The Big Easy is teaming with life, energy and activity—especially beyond the city limits. From Bayou St. John to Bayou Segnette, New Orleans has a deep connection with the animals and plant life growing in those waters and Airboat Swamp Tours give us a chance to get up-close and personal with the life that surrounds New Orleans.

New Orleans Swamp Tours

“What’s really out there?”

What Will I Learn?

  • Stories about our beginning years
  • The history of certain bayous and waterways
  • Stories about our wildlife

What Kind of Wildlife are We Talking About?

On our Airboat Swamp Tour, we have the chance to see alligators, snakes, turtles, nutria, egrets, herons and ibis hiding in the swamp grass or on an old bald cypress trunk. Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, we’ll see hawks, owls and bald eagles flying overhead.

Will I Be Staying in the Boat?

Yes, for your safety, you’ll be staying in the boat. But your captain may not! We’ve seen our knowledgeable guides boot up and hop out of the boat to bring back a baby alligator or a very social nutria.

New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tours

We get down to our roots.

What Does a High-Speed Airboat Ride Feel Like?

When the Airboat gets moving, it feels almost like you’re flying, hovering just over the water’s edge like a great blue heron or a brown pelican swooping down for their afternoon snack. Your hair gets tousled. Splashing happens often. The prospect of taking a turn quickly is exhilarating, but safety keeps it from happening. There is a level of raw, Cajun excitement that washes over you, and suddenly you feel like you’re home.

Be a Local: Tour New Orleans Swamps

It’s easy to say, “Let’s go on a New Orleans Swamp Tour.” It’s easy to gather up your favorite group of people and go on an adventure in the heart of New Orleans’ past. All it takes to witness some of the most beautiful scenery around: lulling, twinkling bayous lined with moss-draped cypress and tupelo gum trees, is a little bravado and a touch of curiosity.

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