10 Things that Make You Fall in Love with New Orleans (Again)

Over the past 2 years, we’ve found it very easy to become the “fastest growing tour coordinator and operator in New Orleans” (Biz New Orleans Feb 2015). As we continue to explore and learn about the secrets that create this one of a kind part of the US, we’d like to share a list of our favorite moments that you can only experience down here.

10 Things that Make You Fall in Love with New Orleans (Again)

1. Catching the Sunset

Sitting on a bench on the Lakefront, feeding the ducks in City Park, walking down Frenchman as you look for a Jazz club, toasting to a day’s work at the Bulldog on Magazine, getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the corner of S. Carrollton and St. Charles…

photo credit: t4ri

…no matter where you are, even on the worst day you’ve had in a while, seeing the bright yellows, oranges and purples of a New Orleans sunset has a way of reviving the soul and inspiring us to continue on.

2. Experiencing Perfect Weather Weeks

These are the weeks when every day has perfect weather (no rain, lower humidity, cool breezes, and puffy clouds) and all of New Orleans shares moments with friends and family on benches, porches, parks and balconies. These are the days we live for, because every other day of the year is either unbearably hot and humid with soupy air or wet and bone-chilling cold with gray, unkind skies.

When is the best chance to catch perfect New Orleans weather? October, November, March and April are your best bets.

3. Your First Crawfish of the Season (and All Seafood for That Matter)

It’s that moment when you’re sitting in the backyard, bare feet propped up, hanging out, waiting for that tidal wave of small, red, hot, succulent crustaceans, a personal heaven to many a New Orleans local.

photo credit: rosafrancesca

photo credit: rosafrancesca

The fixings are always right, no matter if you’re a fan of the corn (and hold the family record of cobs consumed), just love the kick of the crab-boiled potatoes (from hot to need-a-beer-now), have a weak spot for the garlic, personally request white button mushrooms, or just can’t go without the hot dogs or sausages of any kind.

4. Finding a Legal Parking Spot Close to Your Destination

On good days in New Orleans, we hit a sweet spot in traffic and it’s smooth sailing to find parking. On the bad days, it’s a dead-stop slow-moving, honking effort to get anywhere.

photo credit: djpunchntag

photo credit: djpunchntag


We all have one goal: find a legal parking spot. And it’s that moment when you’ve found a spot, it fits your car, it’s under 7 blocks to your destination and your car won’t get towed or ticketed that you immediately feel like you’ve won at New Orleans.

5. Watching Sports for Better or for Worse

Football is more than a sport to us, it’s a way of life. From brilliant plays to discouraging losses to when we don’t understand why we’ve won but we did and it still feels good.

photo credit: made4dre

It’s that moment you look around the Superdome, you feel the immense energy, and you feel like you’re a part of the action, as if your destiny is on the line with every play, and in that energy you’re so proud to be in New Orleans.

6. Hearing Music Wherever You Go

Walking down Royal Street, through Jackson Square, around Frenchmen Street or along any empty street Downtown, you hear the faint sound of music in the distance: a trumpet blaring its heart into the air, or the wild tunes of a bar down the way.

photo credit: jbullard93

photo credit: jbullard93

This is a city where music lives in our hearts, our souls, and our shoes. Even the local police can’t help but dance along.

7. Finding the Quiet Spaces

It’s easy to get lost in the sounds of New Orleans—the street musicians, the revelry of friends and bachelorette parties, the clink of glasses in restaurants, laughter, dogs barking, car alarms, drunken bar patrons and tons of college kids. But sometimes it’s the quiet spaces that take our breath away the most.

photo credit: ravenouslife

photo credit: ravenouslife

A quiet nook in a local bookstore, a balcony overlooking the bright lights of Bourbon Street, or a section of the levee overlooking the river and the passersby. In those quiet moments, New Orleans feels like home. No matter where you’re from.

8. Making Friends with Strangers

Whether it’s Carnival time or any day of the week, you’ll always find a friend in New Orleans. Down here, hospitality is sharing your beer and BBQ on the parade route, inviting joggers to join in your volleyball game in Audubon Park, and treating everyone like family and friends.

photo credit: davidmoraphoto

photo credit: davidmoraphoto

Down here, walking around the city and asking for directions can easily turn into a conversation about where the best New Orleans restaurants are, what places you should avoid, or where you can get the hottest, freshest beignets at 2:00am. It’s just how we roll.

9. Seeing People Dancing in the Street

No matter where you go, you’ll see someone dancing. And, the people you see dancing in the street are most likely the locals themselves.

photo credit: josiewill

photo credit: josiewill

We celebrate life, joy and everything in general. There’s rarely a day where someone won’t brighten your day by letting the music take them away and you see them dancing in the street excitedly asking you to join in the fun.

10. Realizing Just How Much History is Around Every Corner

Whether you’re Downtown, Uptown, near the lake or by the river, New Orleans history hangs thick in the air. Memories live in courtyards, rumors erupt around street corners and every monument has at least two stories to tell.

photo credit: stewartboston

photo credit: stewartboston

History weaves itself into the fabric of our city in many ways and forms, and we want you to become a part of it too. Take a tour with us, and fall in love with New Orleans time and again.

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