3 Differences Between Haunted Tours and Haunted Attractions

A Haunted House Culture Across America

Whether you’re searching for a good scare at the House of Shock, going to see a horror movie at the theater or trekking across the US to the various mazes and haunted attractions, fright and terror is made readily available for all willing participants. Nearly every haunted house, maze and amusement park seek to deliver the same results:

Haunted House Tours New Orleans

How Haunted Attractions Can Shake Your Soul:

  • Heavy involvement in frightening scenes
  • Potential physical interactions with characters
  • Disorientation (darkness, smoke, flashes of light)
  • Surprises from every direction
  • Terror-filled atmosphere
  • Loss of control (getting trapped, tied, etc.)

3 Differences between Haunted Attractions and Haunted Tours

1. Fabricated Stories versus Historical Accounts

Haunted Attractions base their experiences off of a well-executed story, one that probably went through many content edits and practice runs to ensure optimal fright within a set time period. Haunted Tours, especially those we conduct in the New Orleans French Quarter, are constructed based on the lives of the people who have come before us. We use historical accounts and building history to create our well-informed tours on what we’ve learned from the past. While the stories behind the Haunted Houses we explore can be as frightening as any Haunted Attraction, we keep our eyes on the facts and do our best to focus on the facts (be they scary or otherwise).

2. Reactive versus Educational Experiences

Your experience is one of the biggest differences between Haunted Attractions and Haunted Tours. You will be tossed into an (exhilarating, we admit) experience at Haunted Attractions that really only focuses on your level of fear, adjusting the script as necessary. History Tours, and truly good ones at that, will place the focus on education, welcoming you into a conversation where you are able to speak about your experiences and ask questions. Our trained Historians focus on bringing history to life on our tours and not simply make your blood run cold (which could honestly still happen).

3. Constructed Sets versus Historical Buildings

Many Haunted Attractions are set up to cultivate fear, using abandoned buildings, fields or any worthy space as a canvas to paint the picture of their experience: adding dark colors, props, sound effects, etc. to get the specific tone they’re searching for. On the other hand, Haunted Tours use historical buildings (abandoned or otherwise) as the focal point. This goes back to our first point: Haunted Tours use a blend of personal and historical accounts as well as extensive research to create the haunted experience. History speaks for itself, no enhancements required.

The Real Haunted Houses of New Orleans:

Haunted New Orleans Tours That’ll Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

At Livery Tours, we pride ourselves on conducting truly Haunted Tours in New Orleans. We dig deep into the secrets and the rumors that bring the history of our city to life in hair-raising detail. You get all the facts and fantastic fictions, whether you walk in a group or take an individual tour—our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience of New Orleans and all of her haunting past.

Be A Local with us and experience the haunted histories of New Orleans! Book a Tour today and get to know our city like you never have before.

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