History is Alive: Historic New Orleans Tours

The past is never far in New Orleans. Whether you’re downtown, uptown, near the lake or by the river, New Orleans history hangs thick in the air. Memories live in courtyards, rumors erupt around street corners and every monument has at least two stories to tell.

Truths, falsehoods, tall tales, romantic fictions, neighborhood gossip and haunted histories—they all weave into the fabric of our city. We want you to become a part of it too.

What Do We Love About New Orleans?

Music fills our streets and our hearts.

Everybody knows everybody, even if you’ve never met.

Our culture is world-class but our hospitality is unmatched.

No one throws a party like we do.

Let Livery Tours show you our New Orleans. We offer a variety of city, swamp, plantation, attraction, walking and riverboat tours that celebrate the stories of the city. Our Historians are eager to share their knowledge and love of the Big Easy with you.

That’s why we do what we do, to share the stories we love. We take and offer tours because we love exploring the buildings and streets and discovering the lives behind them.

What Makes Livery Tours the Best Tours?

We offer everything from New Orleans Walking Tours, to Transportation Tours, to Airboat Tours in the Louisiana Swamps.
We have the only New Orleans Ghost Tour that actually takes you inside a 200+ year old haunted mansion.
We hire Degreed Historians (graduates, history teachers, published authors, etc.) and enthusiastic Tour Guides dedicated to the truth.
We have the finest vehicles with the best chauffeurs in New Orleans.